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Let’s talk about business

That’s how we use to do it in Baierbrunn: We sit down, have a chat and no matter what the problem, together, we will find a solution.

There are advantages to not having your business in an anonymous metropolis.
Knowing the mayor personally, is probably one of them.
Such a mayor - just like ours – who has a corporate background, a Harvard degree and as a result, literally knows his business isn’t too bad either.
We know that you need someone to talk to on your own level. And with mayor Patrick Oliver Ott you sure can. Even in English.

But let’s talk about the obvious:
If nothing else, Germany gives you and your company security.As we are such sticklers, not only do we have one of the most effective legal systems in the world, we can also guarantee flawless supply chains. Both of which makes us one of the most predictable and reliable countries. No revolutions, no turmoils, no game changers in sight. Germany is so stable, it is boring.

If anything gives us a pulse, it is local business tax rates. Surprisingly they are very different all over Germany – with Baierbrunn having one of the lowest. So, basically, what Baierbrunn is prepared to offer you is a VIP service for a bargain price:
- Infrastructure at very high standard
- Logistics close to Munich
- Telephone Prefix of Munich (089-)

combined with
- low tax rates
- legal security
- political stability
- perfect organization

and a mayor
- with Harvard degrees
- a back ground in business
- fluent English
(and for any other language, we will find an interpreter)

If you’d like to get more details about Baierbrunn, what office space or place for a new business is available, your first and foremost contact is the mayor himself who takes care of business. Just contact him erster.buergermeister@baierbrunn.de